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Welcome to Movin' Mania! – an initiative to help improve the health and wellbeing of Virginia's kids. I'm Broc, the leader of the energy-fueled Fab Five Movin' Maniacs. My friends Vore, Hydro, Leche, Vie and I are on a mission to inspire kids to do the things they should be doing – growing, imagining, learning, and enjoying healthy, happy, active lives.

We're joining forces with health care providers, educators, businesses, government leaders and families to influence the eating and exercise choices for elementary and middle school children. The ultimate goal is to provide children a fun online experience with educational content that can be easily and enjoyably applied into their everyday lives. Over time, we hope these healthy actions form life-long habits in the next generation of Virginians.

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  • For children ages 9 to 11

    A homework chart can show your child exactly what he needs to do and when he needs to do it.

    What You Need
    To make a homework chart, you’ll need a poster board or large sheet of sturdy paper, marker, pen or pencil and a clock.

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